B Is for Baby: 26 Projects from A to Z (2006)

by Stirling, Suzonne - Taunton Press (Publisher)

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ISBN No. (10) : 15-6158-854-7
ISBN No. (13) : 978-15-6158-854-1
Language : English
Pages : 172
Dimension : 9 x 8.9 x 0.6 inches
Cover Type : Paperback
Condition : New
Price :  $5.00


B is for Baby honors the age-old tradition of crafting with a mix of vintage and modern-style projects for women who buy baby gifts who want to give something meaningful and handmade. In a unique A to Z presentation, the projects are aimed at a variety of skill levels and budgets. Every letter is represented with a main project and many variations, and all have concise step-by-step directions, photos and templates. List Price $16.95

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