Busy People's Low Carb Cookbook (2005)

by Hall, Dawn - Rutledge Hill Press (Publisher)

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ISBN No. (10) : 14-0160-215-0
ISBN No. (13) : 978-14-0160-215-4
Language : English
Pages : 256
Dimension : 8.80" l x 7.10" w x 1.10" h
Cover Type : Spiral Bound
Condition : New
Price :  $12.50


Busy People's Low Carb Cookbook is the answer for everyone who wants to embrace the low-carb lifestyle but still wants enough variety to stay on the program and keep everyone happy! Dawn Hall takes low carb beyond steak and broccoli and bacon and eggs to a full line of dishes for every meal. From creative egg casseroles for breakfast to an elegant and easy dinner perfect for company, this is the cookbook to make low-carb livable. Using her signature 7 ingredients or less and 30 minutes or less preparation plan, Hall meets the needs of every time-stressed cook concerned with feeding a hungry family, and watching their waistlines. List Price $16.99

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