Welcome Book Fair Host!

Welcome Book Fair Host! We’re excited to have you here. We will give you everything you need to make your Online Book Fair a Success! Be Sure to check your “Book Fair Coordinator’s Guide” when you login. Here you will find all the tools you need to plan an exciting, profitable experience!

Remember to let your patrons know how easy it is for them to make their selections from our FEATURED BOOKS OF THE MONTH. Whether you choose to print out the book fair forms and distribute them yourself, or have your patrons print out their own, We make it simple!


You choose the category or categories you wish to print, and distribute the forms to your patrons. If you choose to have them print out their own, they can simply print out the whole form, or if they want to print a specific book, they simply click on the details button and they can print it from there.

Simply collect the orders from your students, and place your organizations Master Order online and keep your $$$ Fundraising Profits! Wait for your order to arrive, and distribute them to students, It's that Simple! NO MINIMUM ORDER! Your Profit starts at a base of 15% for orders from $1-$349.00, 30% for orders from $350.00- $2,999.00, & 35% for sales of $3,000.00 or more! Each Month, a Different Online book fair is featured. You can earn $$$ all year long!