Feng Shui Your Kitchen

By Stasney, Sharon - Simon and Schuster (Publisher)

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  • ISBN No. (10) : 0806973838
  • ISBN No. (13) : 9780806973838
  • Language : English
  • Pages : 160
  • Dimension : 9.96" l x 8.04" w x 0.44" h
  • Cover Type : Paperback
  • Condition : New
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Price :   $ 16.00
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Use the principles of feng shui to understand how this very important room reflects your personality, patterns, and relationships. These designs are more than blueprints for redecorating the space; they're guidelines for improving your home life. Would you like to have a kitchen that attracts family and friends, and makes everyone feel relaxed and happy? Then, begin by understanding exactly what makes a strong kitchen, and what you need from it. Charts and a questionnaire will help you pinpoint your "type": for example, if you like to get up and go in the morning and enjoy trying new things, you'll probably favor a room done in wood. Unique feng shui techniques: area solutions, advice on where to put things, and suggestions for shifting just a few items to make the design more compatible with your behavior patterns and preferences. Dozens of magnificent photos will inspire you to create the feng shui correct kitchen you've always dreamed of! List Price $19.95


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