Directions on How To Use Printable Forms.

STEP 1 : Printable forms may be printed from your computer and handed out to patrons or You may request that your patrons print their own forms.  Either way, Printable Forms must be returned to the Book Fair Host  for ordering.

Step 2: Select the quantity for each book  you are purchasing by clicking the arrow and selecting the quantity from the drop down menu. If your patrons are not printing their forms individually, then they may write their selected quantity next to the quantity box. 

Step 3:  Each patron must fill out  the requested information at the bottom of each form.  Before printing forms, make sure to click the "Total Amount" button, and your order will automatically be calculated for you.  Proceed to Print the Page.  Return Book Form with the total amount of your order to your Book Fair Host.

Librarians Info

Step 4:           Once your students have handed you their completed printable forms, go through each form counting how much of each book you need to order. It is easiest if you print your own printable form and write how much students ordered what book.

Step 5:  Under the "Books" section of the website, select the catagory you ordered from, this section of the website will resemble your Printable Form making it easier to place your master order.    Purchase the books you have ordered by adding them to the shopping cart, and selecting your perferred quantity.

Step 6: Please keep each students printable form. This will be your reference on knowing what child ordered what book.


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