Alibi Junior High

By Greg Logsted - Simon and Schuster (Publisher)

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  • ISBN No. (10) : 1416979590
  • ISBN No. (13) : 9781416979593
  • Language : English
  • Pages : 256
  • Dimension : N/A
  • Cover Type : Hardcover
  • Condition : New Bargain Book
  • Complementary Item : N/A
Price :   $ 8.00
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Alias for middle-grade readers!Thirteen-year-old Cody Saron speaks five languages and has traveled to every corner of the globe with his father, an undercover CIA agent. Cody knows how to pick a lock or follow a trail, but he has no idea how to fit in with regular kids, or how to make it through a day of junior high. When the danger surrounding Cody’s dad heats up, Cody is sent to stay with his aunt in her small Connecticut suburb and must adapt to this foreign world of normal life. Author Greg Logsted weaves humor and heart with thrilling action and unexpected twists in this original, quirky, fish-out-ofwater story.  List Price $16.99


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