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  • ISBN No. (10) : 0060574992
  • ISBN No. (13) : 9780060574994
  • Language : English
  • Pages : 272
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My father was killed on 9/11.

Everybody in town knows we lost him forever when the North Tower collapsed.

What they don't know is that he was gone long before that day.

What they don't know is that a scholarship to exclusive Baileywell Academy only made my life worse.

What they don't know is that my mentor at Baileywell is my own personal terrorist.

Everybody calls me Miracle Boy.

What nobody knows is that it's a miracle I'm still here to tell you the real story about the worst year of my life.

From nationally acclaimed author Francine Prose comes an unforgettable novel about disasters, both public and private, and the aftermath of tragedy.

From Booklist

Bart is dubbed the "miracle boy" when his flu causes his mother to stay home from work on September 11, 2001, saving her from the attacks that kill his recently estranged father. This attention earns him a scholarship to a prestigious school, known for its intense hazing. Not wanting to disappoint his grieving mother, Bart enrolls. The hazing begins immediately and builds to an emotional crescendo. Bart finally retaliates by keying the ringleader's car, at which point the whole truth comes out. Assigned to community service, Bart keeps a young hospitalized girl company. When she dies, he realizes that she was his tormentor's sister, but this intensifies rather than softens the abuse Bart undergoes. The book addresses many important topics—bullying, grief, and illness—which make it useful for classroom discussion, and although some readers will wish for a more thorough resolution to the story, Bart is a sympathetic character that readers will pull for. Booth, Heather --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title


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